Studio Policy

Absence Policy:

If you cannot attend a scheduled lesson, please give 24 hours notice.  If less than 24 hours, lesson fees will still apply except in cases of illness or emergency.  If arriving late, the time will be deducted from the lesson.  Please do not come to lessons if you are sick or cannot sing.  I strongly urge students to continue lessons on a regular basis throughout the year.  Missing lessons or taking large amount of time off will often cause a student to regress in their musical skill.  

Payment Policy:

You may pay with either cash or check on a monthly or per lesson basis.  Paypal is available via the website as well.

Purchase of Music and Music Supplies:

You will be asked to purchase sheet music and books to adhere to copyright laws.  The purchases of music and various music supplies (books, sheet music, staff paper, etc) are the responsibility of the student/parent.

Parent and Student Responsibility

I ask all parents to support their children in their musical endeavors by encouraging and monitoring daily practice.  It is my desire that students come to their lessons prepared and ready to learn.  I am unable to monitor practice once they leave my studio, so it is the responsibility of each student to continue their progress at home.  Failure to do so will greatly affect their growth.  If a student does not practice for a lesson, I do expect them to attend and the lesson will be an assisted practice session.  If this becomes habitual, continuation of lessons will be discussed.

Practice time is determined by each individual student and the amount of time it takes for them to complete the assigned material.  A minimum of 20 minutes daily of focused playing or singing is suggested.  I encourage students to bring an assignment notebook and record their lessons.  Weekly progress and assignments will be emailed after each lesson. 

Please note that vocal practice also includes diction study, memorization and interpretation of lyrics or poetry, listening examples, and study of characters and plot for musical theater and opera. This along with learning the written music and daily vocal exercises is the formula for growth as a singer.